We always insist on creating reliable and durable illumination tools rather than gaudy products. So T9 "Ever-victorious" comes without complicated output modes, and there is no transient highest lumens with sharp drop either. T9 keeps constant brightness until battery power drops, it can keep giving out 139 lumens even after lighting up 2 hours for searching prey during hunting.
    What surprised you is its long-range distance reaches up to 216m (236.22 yards), 11715 candela! With 522nm green LED T9 can not be easily detected by preys. Its head diameter is 32cm (1.26 "
). and body diameter is 2.54cm (1") .The T9’s compact, weight light and non-slip knurled comfort grip body made it easily attaches to the standard tactical mounts (the inside diameter is 1") more quickly and safely. The protruding push-button switch is easy to use even when wearing gloves. Fluorescent green tail cap makes it easier for hunters to find the switch . The T9 also has a battery polarity protection function. So that it will not be damaged even you backwards installed the battery in the dark sometimes. When the battery power drops, the flashlight goes flashing to remind you and leaves several minutes to find the battery. Integrated body with 3mm (0.12 ") thickened tempered glass lens, IP rating is IP67 and impervious to shock design.


  • Dimensions: Head diameter 32mm (1.26”), Body Diameter 25.4mm (1.”), Length 137mm(5.39”)±5mm (0.20”)
  • Case Material : Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum construction in black
  • Reflector System: Deep-dish parabolic smooth reflector
  • Lamp Source: Features one powerful 522nm green X-LED, 137LM/W peak beam intensity with a 50000 hours lifetime
  • Light Output: 139 lumens; 11715candela; 216m ( 236.22 yards) beam distance; runs 2.8 hours (Using one Weltool INR18-26 rechargeable Li-ion battery tested)
  • Battery: 1x 18650 Li-ion (Battery Included)
  • ON/OFF: Push-button tail switch with a 50000 times lifespan
  • Weight: 108g (4.22 oz) (without battery)
  • Lead-free PCB
  • Fully regulated output for consistent lumen performance over the battery life
  • Battery polarity protection
  • Lower voltage hint function
  • Over discharge protection
  • No low frequency flashing, and no noise of current
  • 3mm (0.12 ”) thickened tempered glass lens
  • Machined aluminum O-ring sealed for lens protection
  • Wear-resistant trapezoidal smooth thread
  • Gold-coating conductive double springs
  • 1m (39.37 ”) impact resistance tested
  • Dual O-rings sealed, IP rating is IP67.
  • Individually serialized for positive identification.
  • Package includes: one spare O-ring, and a 1x 18650 Battery.
  1. First unscrew the flashlight tail cap counterclockwise, install one high quality rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery  with the "+" end facing the head end of the flashlight, then tighten the tail cap clockwise.
  2. T9 has a battery polarity protection function, even when you backwards installed the battery,  the LED and electronics will not be damaged, it just can not be turned on.  Please check the installation of battery.
  3. A single fully press the pushbutton switch to turn the light on/off the flashlight.
  4. During using, when the battery power drops, the flashlight goes flashing twice to remind you, even if you are focusing on the work, you will notice the flashing tips. Please replace the battery when it flashes at the first time.
  5. The flashlight will still work for several minutes after the first flashing , leaving you enough time to find battery.
  6. The flashlight goes off after the second time flashes.


  1.  Do not try to repair/ disassemble the unit yourself, or you will void the warranty . The flashlight may be damaged either.
  2.  When operated for a long time, it will get a little warm up. This is NORMAL, and it is not a defect. Weltool T9 is a integrated body heat conduction flashlight.
  3. Please replace O-ring to maintain the waterproof performance after long time using.
  4.  After long-term use, flashlight tail thread grease will be reduced. To keep seals from drying out and the threads operating smoothly, apply a thin layer of clean grease to these surfaces two or three times a year.
  5. When the flashlight is abnormal flashing or can not light up, it may be stains. Try to clean the conductive contact surface with alcohol cotton swab.
  6.  If you do not use your flashlight for long periods of time (four months or more) we suggest you remove the battery from the flashlight to prevent chemical damage. Recharge the stored battery every four month to secure maximum performance.
  7.  The waterproof performance of the flashlight is excellent, but it can not be used as a professional diving flashlight.
  8. Please avoid shining flashlight directly into anyone's eyes, it will cause damage.  ***Always Keep Batteries away of children.***



Weltool T9 Green LED Flashlight

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