The Weltool T8Plus TAC is the tactical version of T8Plus flashlight, using a 21700 battery, with high mode and hidden mode, high mode 2180 lumens. The head adopts Weltool  through-hole cooling structure, 101,200 candela, throwing 636 meters. By default, the high mode is turned on, half-press Momentary or full-press to lock and continue to work, even if Momentary is frequently used, it will not change modes, and it is always high; The hidden mode is strobe and low. In the off state, press halfway for more than 3 consecutive times to turn on the strobe and switch to low.

T8Plus TAC uses a high-intensity LED light source, which not only has a powerful throw, but also has a larger area of spill. Half-press Momentary to high mode, and you can also quickly turn on the strobe, which is very suitable for law enforcement.


  • Aluminum alloy material, surface hard anodized

  • Aluminum alloy reflector, coated tempered glass lens

  • Adopt high power white light X-LED, color temperature 6500-6800K

  • Output:

High Strobe Low
Light out 2,180 lumens N/A 76 lumens
Beam intensity 101,200 candela N/A 3,030 candela
Beam distance 695 yd N/A 120 yd
Runtime 1h15min N/A 35h58min

This data is obtained by using Weltool INR21-40P Li-ion battery at an ambient temperature of about 25°C. Different batteries and test standards will be different, for reference only

  • The flashlight has lithium-ion battery over-discharge protection (when using lithium-ion batteries), battery polarity protection, low voltage reminder function and overheating protection

  • After 3 minutes of uninterrupted output in high mode, it will automatically reduce to 1000 lumens. After turning off and restarting, it can output 2180 lumens at full power again (please ensure that the battery is fully charged)

  • No flicker and noise

  • The head is compatible with Wetlool BB8 and BB40 body, and can use 18350 battery or 18650 battery with TC80 tail cap

  • IP67, can be used in heavy rain

  • Passed the drop resistance test at a height of 1 meter

  • Each flashlight has a serial number

  • Weight (without battery): 141±0.5g

  • Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 32mm, (body diameter) 26.5mm, (length) 155mm

  • Includes: 1x Weltool 4000mAh 21700 Li-Ion Battery, Charger, O-ring, Stainless Steel Pocket Clip


  • Install the battery correctly first

  • Half-press the tail switch button once to turn on the high mode, release it to turn off, even if this operation is frequent, it will be high. At this time, press the switch hard to make a "click" sound to keep working continuously, and press the "click" again to turn off the flashlight.

  • The hidden mode can be activated by half-pressing more than 3 consecutive times in the off state. When the hidden mode is turned on, the strobe is first. At this time, release the switch and then half-press it to switch to low immediately. Low and strobe can be switched in a cycle. Press the switch firmly to lock the strobe or low continuous operation; in the hidden mode, it will automatically exit the hidden mode and return to the high mode after shutting down for more than 1.5 seconds.

  • When the battery power is low, the main light of the flashlight will flash to remind you, please charge the battery in time.

  • When the battery power is exhausted, the flashlight will automatically stop working.

Weltool T8Plus TAC LED Flashlight 2180 Lumens

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