The Weltool LH1 is a white LED light head, compatible with Weltool Weaponlight series light body, such as W35, W65 weapon light body, or BB3, BB6 flashlight body. It is also compatible with the body of Surefire M600DF.

The maximum diameter is 32.5mm (1.28 inches), Aluminum alloy CNC machining, the surface is black or FDE two colors are available.

This LH1 uses a high-density white LED, single mode, throwing beam. It is also the original head of W35A and W65A weapon lights, which can be driven by 1 high drain li-ion battery (cannot use 2 lithium ion batteries or 2 lithium batteries).

Use a Weltool UB18-12P (18350) rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 45 minutes. The light intensity can reach 89,600 candela, 686 lumens, and the throwing distance can reach 653 yards.




Weltool LH1 CW BK Light Head

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