When a natural disaster occurs or a sudden power off happens, we need a ready-to-light lamp for emergency use. Weltool L1 is such an emergency camping hand lantern, it is cordless and powered by alkaline batteries. Using a warm white LED under 3200K providing more vivid natural colors and protecting eyesight. No matter where you are at home, in a warehouse, or outdoor, just installing 3 D LR20 alkaline batteries LI can be lighten up. Under the situation that you can't do any charge, a rechargeable lantern is useless. This is very important.
    L1 can light in high mode for bright beam, or low mode for when less light is needed and for longer run times. 
L1 also has a red warning mode and red emergency flash for SOS. It can give 360-degree flood light, and its light is soft. You can hang it in the tent or on the branches. L1 itself can stand on the table too. There is an indicator light on the switch, while switching-on shines green, off while the lantern turns off, and it tips in red when batteries power drops. IP rating is IP55, the lantern can be normal used even in heavy rain.
L1 has a user-friendly design called "Light of Life" for emergency low output and extended longer run time. L1 is a necessary emergency hand lantern for both family and outdoor. 


   The lampshade is made by translucent polycarbonate material in order to reduce glare and no dazzling. So that the 360 degrees floodlight is comfortable and soft. Even L1 lighting needs for "up close" work, it will not damage eyesight. Lampshade is removable, without the lampshade you can get large illumination areas.
Ergonomic designed handle is rubber armored giving comfortable grip feeling. When the camping lamp is normal placed, the handle can be put down in groove lock without blocking the light. When lifting the handle, you can hung L1 onto the horizontal iron wire, branches or pipes. The large areas surface of lamp body, head and the base is rubber-armored for better grip feeling and impact-resistant. That rubber-armored cover secures L1 a steady placement on slippery or uneven surfaces. Remove the lampshade then upside down the lamp, you can hang up L1 by the D-ring at the bottom as a lantern. And large-area floodlight can be used for dining and reading. The bottom D-ring is made of metal with a spring hook design makes it durable and stable hanging on the object. It is not easy to fall down. When not in use, D-ring is put in the slot steady without any shakes.
Push-button switch is recessed to protect it from inadvertent activation, and it has a battery power indicator. Turn on L1, when the battery is full, green light. When off, the light is also off, and help to save energy without any disturbing of rest.
When the battery power drops, the power indicator turns red, and the camping lights will gradually reduce the brightness in order to extend run time. No need to replace the battery immediately, L1 can continue lighting for a few hours until the batteries are empty. This feature takes full consideration of search and rescue, when a disaster happens, even the weakest light can also be helpful. The weak light which is under the eyesight adaption in a dark and narrow space lasts as long as it can, giving you the hope of life. That is why we call it "light of life."


The total height of L1 Emergency Camping Hand Lantern is 18.5cm, diameter 9cm, weight 15 ounces (425grams).
*** Battery: Powered by three LR20 "D" alkaline batteries (sold separately). 

Multiple Lighting Modes

  • Features 42 warm white SMD LEDs + 4 red LEDs inside
  • Two light modes under 42 LEDs
  • Low Mode: Low for 280 lumens; runs 30 hours plus; illumination radius 3m
  • High Mode: High for 705 lumens; runs 20 hours plus; illumination radius 10m
  • Two light modes under 4 red LEDs

 Constantly lighting mode (red warning mode); 138 lumens;
 Emergency flash SOS mode (emergency signaling mode) 138 lumens;

  • Stepless Adjusted Feature: 

Under constant light mode, press and hold the switch, the light will change automatically through high to low, then to cycle through low to high, release the switch to lock the current brightness.

*** Battery: Powered by three LR20 "D" alkaline batteries (sold separately). 


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Weltool L1 Portable LED Camping Lantern

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