The Sofirn SP35 (SP35) released in 2021. It uses Luminus SST40 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 2000 lumens output, 27520 cd intensity, and a beam distance of 332 meters.

This light has 6 modes of lighting. The memory function is a nice feature, the light will remember the last used mode. It has a strobe function, which is one of the most effective self-defense tools available. The SP35 flashlight is rechargeable easily via USB port. Good for a wide range of uses, and excellent EDC choice as well as tactical environments.


1, Emitter LED Options: 1x Luminus SST-40 5000k and 1x Luminus SST-40 6500k
2,  Operating voltage: 3.0V – 4.2V
3, Charging: 5A 2C
4, Driver: Constant current buck driver
5, Battery options: 1x 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Battery Not Included)
6, Dimension: 126mm (length) × 28mm (head diameter)
7, Weight: 73 grams (without battery)
8, Flashlight Host (body): Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy
9, Toughened mineral glass lens, smooth reflector to make it average 
10, Water resistance i.a.w. IPX-8 (up to 2 meter under water, not for diving)
11, Mode Memory: memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes (Eco/Low/Med/High)
12, wrong polarity protection from improper battery installation
13, Low voltage warning: When the battery voltage is too low, the LED indicator in the side switch will start to flash rapidly. Please recharge the battery.
14, Low voltage protection: The flashlight steps down automatically when the voltage is lower than 3.0V. It also turns off automatically if the voltage gets too low. Please recharge the battery.
15, Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: As the temperature rises, SP35 is programmed to automatically step down and step up the brightness. These thresholds are set at 45°C, 55°C and 65°C. 

Sofirn SP35 6500k 2000 Lumens

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