All-In-One Tactical and Outdoor Flashlight

The Klarus XT21C combines the brightness and throw of a searchlight with the operation and functions of a tactical flashlight, and shoves it into a pocket-sized EDC. Featuring a 3,200 to 5 lumen range of illumination, over 1,060ft of throw, and two operation modes for tactical and outdoor use, we're already dusting off a spot in our 'Best Sellers' display case.

While not as bright as its XT21X predecessor, this light offers 20% longer runtimes, universal USB-C charging, and a more compact and lightweight EDC design. No more side-button either; the 5th Gen dual-tail-cap switch is all you need for smooth, one-handed operation.

Dual Operation Modes

Get the most out of your XT21C with the personalized operation modes. The Tactical Mode offers one-press access to 3,200 lumens (high) and strobe, while the Outdoor Mode gives you quick-access to the high and moonlight brightness levels. The modes also reverse the mode stepping from high-low to low-high respectively.

BRIGHTNESS 3,200 ↓800lumens 400lumens 100lumens 5lumens 3,200lumens 100lumens
RUNTIME 3 +240minutes 7hours 20hours 240hours 8hours 60hours
DISTANCE 324meters 133meters 68meters 17meters - -
INTENSITY 26,280candela 4,422candela 1,156candela 72candela - -
The Klarus XT21C comes with a proprietary 21700 battery, and is not compatible with conventional 21700-sized batteries. For a replacement or spare battery, only buy a Klarus 21GT-E50.
  • Notable Features
  • » Four brightness modes ranging from 3,200 to 5 lumens for flexible illumination
  • » 21700 battery offers 10 days of runtime and charges quick with USB-C cable
  • » 5th Generation dual-tail-cap provides one-handed operation with quick-access to essential modes and functions
  • » Tactical and Outdoor modes let you personalize your flashlight's UI settings
  • » Outdoor-ready with 1m impact resistance and an IPX8 waterproof rating
Klarus XT21C

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