The Cyansky P25 V2.0 is a super bright, high-performance tactical flashlight. It's lightweight and portable, perfect for home and outdoor lighting. With a maximum brightness of 3600 lumens and a maximum runtime of 80 hours, it has 4 brightness levels regular lighting modes and STROBE mode, SOS mode, and ECO mode, making it suitable for various outdoor scenarios. The CREE XHP70.3 LED produces a blinding beam. In addition, P25 V2.0 achieves IPX8 waterproof rating, can resist 2 meters impact, is rugged and durable, can work in different harsh environments, and is your outdoor reliable lighting partner for all situations.


1x CREE XHP 70.3 LED.
All metal design.
White light multi-mode design.
ECO/Strobe/SOS mode.
Wider angle floodlight.
Max. 3600 lumens & 208 meters.
Tactical Double Switch.
✅21700 battery. Type-C fast charge.
Max 80 hours of runtime.
Intelligent temperature control.
Power indicator.
Memory function.
IPX8 waterproof, 2-meter impact resistance.
Working temperature: -30℃ to 50℃.


Operating Instructions:

Power On/Off

Tap the tactical tail switch to momentarily turn on the flashlight. Release and the flashlight will go out.

Fully press the tactical tail switch to turn on/off the flashlight. The flashlight will light up in saved mode.

Switching in General Mode

When the power is on, press the electronic switch on the body within 0.5 seconds to switch the general mode: LOW – MED – HIGH – TURBO.

Switching in Special Mode

Memory Function:

The flashlight has a memory function. When the flashlight is turned off, it will save the mode used before. No saving for the TURBO mode. If it is turned off in TURBO mode, it will save the HIGH mode. 

Battery Level Indication:

The indicator will show the battery power level when power is on. The indicator will go off after 3 seconds.

Battery power level:

Green light: 81%-100%;

Green light blinking: 51%-80%;

Red light: 21%-50%;

Red light blinking: 0%-20%.

Low Voltage Warning:

When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red light continuously 3 times per second, and the current working LED light flashes 2 times every 3 minutes. It reminds the user to replace the battery.

Low Voltage Lower Working Mode:

When the flashlight detects that the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the flashlight will lower the current working mode until the LOW mode.

Protection for Limit Time:

TURBO mode with time limit protection design. After working on the TURBO mode (3600 lumens) for 1 minute, the flashlight will lower automatically to 1000 lumens to avoid overheating. Then it will adjust the brightness according to the temperature security.

Temperature Control Protection:

The product temperature is higher than the safety value will reduce the product brightness through temperature control to avoid product damage and injury to the user.

Cyansky P25 V2.0 3600 Lumens (Black)

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