The Cyansky M1R is a multi-functional rechargeable EDC keychain light equipped with one built-in 200mAh Li-ion battery. It adopts a one-switch control design but with triple output of cool white light, red light, and UV light, allowing for multi-functions in various scenarios. The keychain light features IPX8 waterproof and 2 meters impact resistance, capable of all-weather use. The M1R light is the almighty light assistant for everyday carry.


  • (Black or Red) Options Choice 
  • Max. Output: 200 Lumens / 55 Meters
  • Triple Lights: White light, red light, UV light
  • Battery: Built-in 200mAh rechargeable battery pack
  • Mini-size: 50.4*20*11mm
  • Body Material: Rugged aluminum full-metal body
  • Lock Function: Available
  • Weatherproof: IPX8 Waterproof; 2 meters Impact-resistance; -30~50 centigrade working temperature
  • Main Applications: EDC, general illumination, currency detection, Maternal & Infant suppliers inspection, cosmetic inspection

What is Cyansky M1R flashlight?

Cyansky M1R is the multifunctional keychain light which beams white, red and UV light. The mini flashlight is housed with full metal — Aviation-grade aluminum alloy with hard anodizing surface. It features key size: 50mm length and 19.5g weight. The colors are optional among cool black, burgundy and desert yellow, up to your hobby.

How to operate Cyansky M1R flashlight?

  • Power On/Off:

Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the white light (default mode).

  • Light Change:

White Light and UV/Red Light Exchange: When you need to change the light between the white and red/UV light, turn off the light first. And then press and hold the switch for 1.5 seconds, the flashlight will activate the last working mode and then turn on the light you want.

UV Light and Red Light Exchange: Simply press the switch of the keychain light to switch among red, red flicker and UL light.

  • Output Selection:

White light: with light on, single click the switch to cycle through Low→Med →High.

Red/UV light: with light on, single click the switch to cycle through Red→Red Flash→UV.

  • Memory Function:

Each time you turn on the light, it will go to the last working mode by default.

  • Lock/Unlock:

With light off, double click the switch, and the light will blink twice then be locked. Double click the switch again to unlock the light.

  • Charging:

The tiny keychain light adopts a built-in 200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery. When battery low, you only need to open the protective cap on the charging port and connect the coming TYPE-C cable to your power adapter to charge, the charging indicator will display red while charging and turn to green when the light is fully charged.

It will take 1.5 hours for a full charge with circuit speed of 200mA. Please do remember to unplug the charging cable and put back the protective cap for better waterproof performance.

  • Battery Detection and Indication:

With the light off, single click the switch to check the status.

Green constant on: Battery>80%;
Green blinking: Battery 50%-80%;
Red constant on: Battery 20%-50%;
Red blinking: Battery <20%.

What protections does the M1R flashlight features?

  • Intelligent Overheat Protection:

A working flashlight can generate heat, especially on the high mode. When the heat is over the safety data, the output will automatically step down. When the temperature is lower than the safety value, the output will gradually increase.

  • Low-voltage Warning:

When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the mini keychain flashlight will downshift to a lower brightness level. When this happens on low mode, the battery level indicator blinks red to remind you to recharge the battery. To ensure normal use, the flashlight will not turn off automatically and will work till the battery power is used out.

What can I do with the M1R flashlight?

  •  Decoration

The mini keychain flashlight is so tiny, cute and beautiful that you can tie it onto your keychain as a kind of decoration.

  • Daily Lighting

The white light of the small keychain light drives away your fear when walking in the dark. When you want to open your car or house door with the key, the keychain light lightens up the lock hole for you to open the door easily.

  • Reading/Alert

The red light can help you have a bedtime read clearly but not disturb your mate. And you don’t have to bear the eye-ache or be bothered from mosquitos. Attach the small keychain flashlight onto your backpack to give out alert that you are walking or cycling there.

  • Worry-free Life

You don’t want to get nothing just because get a piece of fake banknote you can recognize, right? The UV is functional to detect the fake banknote to avoid further loss. What’s more, you can inspect whether your kid’s diaper, clothes or cosmetics is added too much fluorescent brightener.

Cyansky M1R Multifunctional Keychain Light 200 Lumens

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