The Weltool W4Pro TAC is the tactical version of W4Pro, It's a LEP flashlight that throws 3712 yards. The light intensity reaches 2,882,000 candela, 568 lumens. It uses a 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, uses a customized LEP light source, and then passes through the lens reflection system to form a dazzling beam. By default, the high mode is turned on, half-press Momentary or full-press to lock and continue to work, even if Momentary is frequently used, it will not change modes, and it is always high; The hidden mode is strobe and low. In the off state, you can half-press 3 times to turn on the strobe, and you can switch to low.W4Pro TAC has almost no spill, suitable for field search, sea rescue, long-distance indication, etc. It is specially designed for special lighting.


  • Material: Aluminum, black hard anodized
  • Reflective system: acrylic convex lens
  • Light source: special LEP module, wavelength 400-700nm, 6000-7000K, lifespan is about 10,000 hours


*** 21700 Battery Included***

Low mode
High mode
Light Output 210 lumens 568 lumens
Beam Intensity 1,108,000 candela 2,882,000 candela
Beam Distance 2302yd 3712yd
Runtime 4 hours 30 minutes 1 hour

Remarks: This test uses Weltool UB21-50 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery test, test environment: below 25 degrees Celsius, continuous lighting outdoors, (ambient temperature will affect runtime)

Battery: Use 1x 21700 Li-ion rechargeable battery (included)

  • Switch: Tail button forward switch, 50,000 pressing life
  • High-efficiency drive circuit, no noise and no flicker
  • Temperature control protection: When the temperature of the flashlight is too high, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness to prevent overheating
  • With polarity protection
  • With low voltage prompt function
  • With battery over-discharge protection
  • 304# stainless steel bezel, double-coated tempered glass lens
  • Passed the 1 meter drop test
  • Double O-ring waterproof, the protection level reaches IP67
  • Each flashlight has a unique serial number
  • Dimensions (±0.5mm): (Head diameter) 60.5mm, (Body diameter) 27mm, (Length) 198mm
  • Weight: 336±2g (without battery)

Included: UB21-50 lithium-ion battery, Type-C charging data cable, O-ring, stainless steel pocket clip

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Weltool W4Pro TAC LEP

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