This is an extraordinary weapon mount light with a throwing distance of up to 886 meters. W35LEP uses a special LEP light source, no flooding, highly concentrated light, and a light intensity of up to 196,275 candela!

       "Metal Lancer" has a powerful long-range shooting ability, high directivity, high collimation beam will suppress the target's line of sight, make the opponent temporarily blind or dizzy, and will not interfere with the teammate's line of sight due to floodlight or even Expose teammates.

        W35LEP "Metal Lancer's high-concentration beam is like a sharp blade pierced into the dark. It can easily penetrate the muzzle smoke, rainstorm, and dust to lock the target. It is especially suitable for special forces personnel to perform tasks and training.

The mounting holes on the W35 body can fit Weltool PM4 mounts, and are compatible with Surffire RM45, AMERICAN DEFENSE MFG AD-SF, and some corresponding rail mounts produced by Arisaka Defense, MAGPUL and Unity Tactical, but surefire M75 cannot be used.

Suitable for most AR rifles and short-barreled rifles or carbines. IP67 protection standard, waterproof and dustproof, shock and vibration resistance. Tactical  switch, can lightly press the switch to instantly light up silently, or lock to keep on.


  • Aluminum alloy CNC processed, the surface is hard oxidized
  • Special LEP light source
  • Output: 335 lumens, 196,275 candela
  • Run-time:   50minutes @18350 battery  (UB18-12 1200mAh) ,              
  • Battery: 1x 18350 Rechargeable lithium ion (Battery Included)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-Discharger protection
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • No PWM, no noise, and temperature control protection function
  • Double-sided anti-reflection coating tempered glass lens
  • Tail tactical switch, life span of 50,000 presses
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Dimensions: (diameter) 32.5mm, (length) 131mm,
  • Weight: 160±0.5g
  • Included: LP32 protective cover, UB18-12 battery, O-ring


Weltool W35LEP

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