The Weltool T13G is a compact high color rendering index LED flashlight, 95CRI, 4000K, is a pocket light with a stainless steel pocket clip. This T13G is a modular design, composed of LH5 head and BB6 body, TC68N tail cover, can use 1 18350 lithium-ion battery, compatible with Weltool W35 weapon light body and TC68, TC69, TC70 series tail cover. There are two modes of high and low, especially suitable for everyday carry.


  • Aluminum alloy material, anodized
  • Aluminum alloy reflector, coated glass
  • High CRI X-LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours


Hight Low
Light Output 640 lumens 34 lumens
Beam intensity
14,320 candela 805 candela
Beam distance 239m 56m
Runtime 40min 11h50min


  • The above data is obtained by using Weltool UB18-12P high drain lithium-ion battery test
  • Battery type: 1 18350 Li-ion battery
  • With low voltage reminder and battery over-discharge protection function, polarity protection function
  • No flicker and noise
  • Each flashlight has an independent serial number
  • IP67
  • Weight: 81.5±0.5g (without battery)
  • Dimensions (±0.5mm): (Head diameter) 28mm, (Body diameter) 24mm, (Length) 107mm
  • Included: Weltool UB18-12P high drain 18350 Li-ion battery, stainless steel pocket clip
Weltool T13G 95CRI 4000K EDC Flashlight

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