The Terminator M1 is Acebeam's first product that combines the latest LEP with LED technologies. It's LEP module produces a zoomable spotlight beam up to 1600 meters (1750 yards), with a distance of more than one mile! Easily switch between Spotlight or Floodlight with a shortcut key. Powered by a high capacity 5000mAh rechargeable USB-C 21700 Li-ion battery. The perfect replacement for the ultimate floodlight, spotlight, signal light or any light.


  • { LED Options: }
  • (Cool White) 6500K = 3500 Lumens
  • (Neutral White) Nichia 519A 5000K High CRI90 = 2300 Lumens
  • Dual Light Source: 1x LEP + 3x LEDs
  • Internal zoom design of LEP source, rotating the LEP head to adjust the focus without changing size. 
  • Beam Angle: 3~16°
  • Max Output: 3500 lumens (LED);
  • 700 lumens (LEP)
  • Max Throw: LEP: 1600 meters (640,000cd);
  • LED: 231 meters (13,340cd)
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter
  • Waterproof: IP68, underwater 2 meters
  • Battery: 1x ACEBEAM USB-C Rechargeable 21700 Li-ion (Battery Included)
  • Power Switch: ON/OFF and output modes cycle
  • Function Switch: LEP/LED switching
  • L: 104mm/4.09''
  • W: 35.2mm/1.39''
  • H: 63.4mm/2.5''
  • Weight: 232.2g/8.2oz (Excluding Battery); 304.6g/10.7oz (Including Battery)



Power Switch Operation:
ON: Click the Power Switch.
OFF: Click the Power Switch when ON.
  • Output Selection: When the LED light source option is ON, press and hold the Power Switch, and the LED light source will cycle from Low-Med1-Med2-High, release the Power Switch to select the output, and can be memorized next ON;
  • Turbo: In the Unlocked state and under the LED light source option, double-click the Power Switch quickly to enter the Turbo output, and double-click again to switch between Turbo and memory output;
  • Strobe: In the Unlocked state and under the LED light source option, quickly press the Power Switch three times to enter the Strobe output;
  • Ultra-low: When the flashlight is OFF and under the LED light source option, press and hold the Power Switch to enter the Ultra-low output;
  • Ultra-low, Strobe, and Turbo modes will be not memorized.
  • Lock/Unlock
  • Lock: When the light is OFF, press and hold the Power Switch for 3 seconds, the current light source will flash 3 times, and the flashlight will be Locked. At this time, any switch operation will be invalid.
  • Unlock: When the light is Locked, press and hold the Power Switch for 3 seconds, the current light source will flash 3 times, and then Unlock the light. If the current light source option is LED, the LED will be Ultra-low ON when unlocked, and if the current light source option is LEP, the light will be LEP ON when unlocked.
Function Switch Operation:
  • When the light is ON, click the Function Switch, the light output will switch between LEP light source or LED light source options.
LEP Zoom Operation:
  • When the LEP light source is ON, rotate the LEP head left or right, and the LEP beam angle will increase or decrease uniformly between 16° and 3°.
Acebeam Terminator M1 Dual Head LEP/LED Flashlight (Limited Edition) 3500 Lumens

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