Weltool UB18-26 revolutionizes from the traditional Li-ion battery protection circuit design, placing the protection circuit with the battery core at the anode (positive terminial, combined with the steel outer shell, effectively preventing the danger from impact, such as short circuiting, without increasing the diameter of the battery.

UB18-26's anode protection circuit includes the Micro-USB charging port, enabling direct charging using USB cables connected to a 5V adapter, a PC USB port, or any portable power banks.  The UB18-26 can also be charged from a compatible lithium battery charger.  While it is being charged, the indicator lamps on the battery will display the charging status. 

UB18-26 features low internal resistance, large capacity, and high discharging current.  The core is protected by a three layer system: Pressure Valve, Micro-pore Partition Plate, and PTC Negative Blocking protection!  There are four protection circuits for: Overheating, Over-charging, Over-discharging, and Short-circuit protection!  The anode (positive terminal) of the battery features a protruding cap for improved connection to springs or other PCB surfaces.  This improves functionality when the battery is used in series during application.  UB18-26 also has an improved exterior wrap to protect the battery from damage and retains the rugged dependability of Weltool!


  • Capacity:2600mAh  -  18650 size
  • Resistance:≤50mΩ
  • Voltage:3.6-3.7V
  • Discharge:5A(MAX)
  • Charge:0.8A(Micro-USB port charging),1A(Battery Charger)
  • Charging Protection:4.3±0.05V
  • Discharge Protection:2.5±0.1V
  • Status Indicator:Red(Charging), Blue(Complete)
  • Temperature during charging:0-45℃
  • Temperature during discharging : -20-60℃
  • Size:18.6±0.2mm (Dia.) ,70±0.2mm(Length)
  • Weight:48.4±0.2g
  • ***Please note: Price listed is per battery
Weltool UB18-26 (18650) 2600mAh USB Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

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