Model Number: SP36 BLF Anduril 2.0

One of the best soda can style lights on the market, the SP36 BLF Anduril is the most popular iteration of the SP36 line of flashlights. With four powerful LH351D emitters, the SP36 outputs a blasting 5650 lumens of beautiful, high cri light. The SP36 also utilizes Toykeeper's renowned Anduril user interface, to deliver a level of customization found nowhere else. A super flooder in a class of its own, the SP36 uses three 18650 batteries to deliver unprecedented runtimes while maintaining a manageable size. This perfect balance of size and performance makes the SP36 a prime choice for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, boating, emergency prep, search and rescue, fishing, cycling, or backpacking. With optional warm color temperatures and integrated charging, the SP36 also makes a great indoor light, perfect for blackouts or just around the house.


● Model: SP36 BLF Anduril 2.0 (Using latest 20200318 firmware)
● Output: 5200-5650 Lumens MAX (estimated)
○ LH351D 4000K 90CRI (Neutral white, has a slightly warm tint)
● User Interface: Anduril 2.0
● Power Draw on Turbo: 50 watts
● Battery Type: 3x 18650 Sofirn Batteries included
● Color: Black
● Waterproof: Yes
● Default Brightness:
A mode(7 lm)- B mode(35 lm)- C mode(100 lm)-D mode(230 lm)- E mode(650 lm)
F mode(1400 lm)- H mode(2450 lm)- G mode(5000 lm)
● Powerbank Function: Yes


Note: the SP36 puts out an immense amount of light, which generates heat over time.

Please watch this video which shows how to thermally calibrate the SP36:


The product uses copyrighted code released under the GNU Public License v3 (GPLv3).
To know about the exact source code used in the product, please go to

Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril2 5650 Lumens

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