LED Camping Lantern

It's time to step up your camping game with the Nitecore LR30, a high output, ultra-portable LED camping lantern. This sturdily constructed camping utility is capable of emitting up to 205 Lumens, surpassing the output of similarly sized camp lights. Single switch operation makes the LR30 easy to use, and a magnetic base lets you stick the light to metal surfaces for hands free lighting - great for cluttered work spaces! Additionally the light has a high CRI (color rendering index) so the light gives your surroundings a warm, natural look.

Multiple Power Source Compatible

Nothing is worse than having a light you rely on run out of power, but fortunately the Nitecore LR30 has a backup plan for that. The LR30 is able to perform at full capacity using multiple battery types, including 18650, CR123A or RCR123A. This power flexibility makes the light even more versatile, allowing users to change to different batteries on the fly. A built-in power indicator displays when batteries are running low, so you'll always have plenty of time to switch them out!

Adjustable Brightness Levels

Just because it has one switch doesn't mean that the Nitecore LR30 is a one trick pony. This resilient camping lantern features 3 adjustable brightness settings that can be changed at will to suit your needs. A single red LED is also included that provides low profile light for discreet illumination. For safety purposes a constant blink and SOS mode are also available, making the LR30 a vital emergency utility.

Features And Specifications:
  • White and red output
  • 6 High performance white LEDS
  • Single red LED
  • 3 Brightness levels, red, blinking and SOS modes
  • Single switch design
  • Highly translucent diffuser
  • Built-in battery level indicator
  • High efficiency constant current circuit
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Magnetic base
  • Made with durable PC materials
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • 1.5 Meter impact resistant
  • Runs on 1 x 18650  ************BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED*********** 

Please email us for assistance requiring battery recommendations: brightlumenshop@gmail.com

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Nitecore LR30 LED Camping Lantern

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