The Lumintop LM10 is a titanium flashlight designed and launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Lumintop. Made of titanium alloy, the flashlight is light-weight and super durable. The unique shape design and fantastic anniversary sailing icon imply a prosperous future of Lumintop. The flashlight applies the classic and easy to use Andúril UI, and it emits a 2800 lumens super bright output from three emitters. IPX8 waterproof protection, tritium slots, LM10 is more playable and it is the ideal choice for both daily use and collection, etc.


  • Emitter: Nichia 219 CT or Luminus SST20 LED (Option Drop Down)
  • Titanium Alloy: Sandblasted 
  • Optic: Standard TIR optical lens
  • Flux: ~Up to 2800 lumens
  • Intensity: ~10 000cd ANSI throw ~200 m 
  • Firmware: Free software called Andúril
  • User interfaces: [1] Defaulted SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided. [2] STEPPED RAMPING UI. [3] MOMENTARY mode. [4] MUGGLE mode. [5] Electronic LOCKOUT.
  • Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
  • Battery: One 18650 cell. An unprotected cell is recommended. Max. length 66mm. ***Batteries Not Included***
  • Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
  • Body: Made of titanium alloy
  • Clip: Come with a stainless steel clip, titanium clip is optional
  • Switch: Electronic tail switch
  • Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
  • Weight: Approximately 98 g without cells
  • Size: 26 mm Ø head x 98 mm in length x 25mm Ø tube


Lumintop LM10 10 Years Anniversary 2800 Lumens Titanium Flashlight Sandblasted

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