The FW4A is a compact yet powerful quad-LED EDC flashlight. With the only 92.6mm in length, it delivers a max 3600 lumens amazing output by a single 18650 battery. The smooth bottom electronic metal switch controls various functions including smooth ramping, stepped mode setting, strobe, etc. It is the best EDC flashlight choice for a flashaholic, collector, etc.

Toykeeper developed and supports Anduril, the firmware and interface onboard the FW4A. She is also responsible for many of the other firmware and interfaces behind popular BLF projects. 


    • Emitter: 4 Cree XP-L HI 1A (Cool White) 6500k
    • Emitters: 4 x LEDS on Copper DTP MCPCB 
    • Optic: Standard TIR optical lens
    • Flux: ~3600 lumen (XP-L Hi)
    • Intensity: ~10,180cd ANSI throw ~208 m (XP-L Hi)
    • Firmware: Free software called Andúril
    • User interfaces: [1] Defaulted SMOOTH RAMPING. Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided. [2] STEPPED RAMPING UI. [3] MOMENTARY mode. [4] MUGGLE mode. [5] Electronic LOCKOUT.
    • Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon, tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
    • Battery: One 18650 cell. An unprotected cell is recommended. Max. length 66mm. ***Please Note: Battery is not included***
    • Driver: FET+7+1 driver. Low parasitic drain while OFF
    • Body: Aluminum with knurling and polishing finish
    • Switch: Electronic tail switch
    • Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX8
    • Weight: Approximately 63 g without cells
    • Size: 28.5 mm Ø head x 92.6 mm in length x 24.5 mm Ø tube

***Please note: 18650 INR battery is recommended with this flashlight.

**The FW4A will thermally throttle based on a preset and programmable maximum temperature (Default 45C, temperature sensor should be calibrated before use, refer to manual below for instructions) for the first 10 seconds it will run unchecked then throttle itself.

Constant reactivation of turbo mode can easily cause the flashlight to EXCEED safe operating temperatures.

User interfaces and features: 
By default the FW4A is set to use Smooth Ramping for mode changing
Direct access to turbo mode shortcut.
A more conventional Stepped Ramping UI is available if you prefer discrete modes level. (Number of steps is configurable)
Momentary mode useful for signaling purposes or rapidly/briefly lighting up targets. To exit this mode, physically disconnect power
Muggle mode uses reduced output and features
Electronic lockout for safety and low momentary.

Please email us for assistance requiring battery recommendations: brightlumenshop@gmail.com






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Lumintop FW4A 3600 Lumens EDC Flashlight

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