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This is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-bright headlamp that delivers 550 lumens. First of all, this compact headlamp is constructed from titanium for optimal heat dissipation. You certainly don’t want a headlamp getting hot while on your head! Talk about uncomfortable. The H1A is designed with heat dissipation and current control so it’s safe to use for a while at 550 lumens.

The H1A features three separate LEDs - a main light, a side area light, and a red light. The main light uses a CREE XP-L V3 LED while the side area light uses a neutral white for better color renditioning. The main light fades-on and fades-off to make the transition from dark to light and light to dark easier on your eyes. You can operate the H1A using the two switches at the top of the headlamp allowing you to easily switch between the LEDs. The headlamp itself is actually adjustable up to a 90° angle! So you can angle the beam down toward the ground or wherever you need it instead of having it shine right in front of you.

On the side of the headlamp there is a battery indicator to let you know what the charge of the battery is. Three flashes means the battery is over 70% charged. Two flashes means the battery is 30-70% charged. One flash means the battery is less than 30% charged. With this indicator you’ll more easily be able to plan your usage and know when it’s around time to change the battery. Speaking of batteries, you can equip the H1A with a AA battery or a 14500 lithium-ion battery. The H1A comes with a 14500 battery that has a micro-USB port so you can just charge the battery directly using a micro USB cable.


  • Ultra lightweight and ultra bright headlamp delivering up to 550 lumens with a 100 meter beam throw
  • Features three separate LEDs:
    • Main light uses a CREE XP-L V3 LED
      • Has a fade-on and fade-off function
    • Side light (white) uses a CREE XP-E2 R2 LED
      • Floodlight with even illumination, simulating natural light
      • Has an SOS function
    • Side light (red) uses a CREE XP-E2 R2 red LED
      • Penetrates through fog
      • Has a strobe function
  • Simple dual-switch operation
  • Lock out function to prevent accidental illumination
  • Titanium construction for superior heat dissipation
  • 90° angle adjustable
  • Intelligent Temperature Protection System
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Compatible with 1 x 14500, 1 x AA, and Ni-MH battery
  • Battery low voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Has a headband with reflector



  • Power Source: 1 x AA or 1 x 14500
  • Peak Beam Distance: 100 meters (328 ft.)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 2496
  • Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 14500):
    • High 550 Lumens - 55 Minutes
    • Medium100 Lumens - 3 Hours
    • Low30 Lumens - 10 Hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX-6
  • Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 2.6" (66 mm)
    • Width - 1.57" (40 mm)
    • Height - 1.26" (32 mm)
  • Weight: 2.58 oz. (73 g)

Klarus H1A Titanium LED Headlamp 550 Lumens
6495 6995

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