The IF25 is a powerful handle flashlight, It delivers maximum output of 3,800 lumen and throws maximum range of 420 meters, can use it on working or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting.

You can turn on/off by side switch, and change light modes or light groups. It provides an improved, user friendly interface and simple one-hand operation.

Main Features:
  • Super Bright and multiple use. Using 4* SST20 led (6500k), Bright white tint, maximum beam distance can reach 420 meters. It can satisfy your needs in different situation. It’s perfect for outdoor, searching, exploring, hiking, camping etc. With Strobe Function, it makes you feel secure in emergencies.
  • Electronic Lockout: IF25A comes with a lockout function to prevent accidental activation, e.g. in your pocket or backpack.
  • Power by: 21700 battery (recommend and included). Before using it, please torn the the insulation paper of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.
  • Lumen Value: from 1-3800 Lumen within Moonlight mode to Turbo mode. Can used it in your daily life. Very brightness, easy to change the brightness mode, more details, please kindly read the manual, or if you have any needs or issues, please contact us via Amazon directly.
  • Update Function: Use the Anduril UI, this is doesn't change color temperature version IF25A led flashlight.


Emitter: 4x Luminus SST-20 (6500K 70CRI)
Voltage: 3.0V – 4.2V
Dimension: 106.4mm (length) × 35mm (head diameter)
Automatic Step down: Depending on the driver’s temperature, the IF25 will automatically reduce its brightness to prevent overheating.
Low stand-by drain: < 50ɥA
Power Indicator: The LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery’s power status. Low Voltage Protection.

Operation Details:
1. Default UI is Smooth ramping: This UI provides smooth dimming of the light output between FLOOR lowest level and highest level, with an easily accessible TURBO mode.
2. Stepped Ramp: When this flashlight is on, please click 3 time to enter in to this Stepped ramp mode.
3. Ramp up & down: hold the button to make it brighter, release button briefly and hold again to make it dimmer.
4. Turbo mode: no matter the light is on or off, double click activate Turbo for max brightness.
5. Moonlight mode: press & hold the switch, it turns on at the moonlight(FLOOR level), it makes a subtle “blink” to provide a timing hint if you want to stay there. If you keep holding, it ramps up
6. Battery check: while light is OFF, triple-click it shows the voltage of battery (3 blinks, a short pause, then 8 blinks would indicate 3.8 V)
Note: Please read this operation manual carefully, it will help you deal some operation issue.
Package Include: 1* IF25A powerful flashlight; 1*USB cable;1* (21700 Battery included),1* Lanyard; 1*Adapter; 1*Manual and it also has well service, if you have any issue.

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Sofirn IF25A 3800 Lumens

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